I will know about, abide
by, and advocate for
laws and regulations
that enhance the
quality of life for young

I will support the rights
of children to live and
learn in environments
that are responsive to
their developmental

I will improve my
competencies in
providing for children's
I will appreciate each
child's uniqueness, thus
enhancing the child's
Commitment To
Our Mission...
Interplay is a place where children can explore their own
boundaries; educationally, emotionally and socially.

A place where the unlimited potential within each child is
recognized and encouraged to grow.

A place where children can learn to develop self-reliance, self-
esteem and a healthy, natural respect for themselves and others.

And it’s a place where the value of seeing each individual as a
complete, dynamic person, is the most important value of all.
.At Interplay Child Care Center, our mission is to embrace
and empower all children regardless of their physical, mental, or
emotional abilities.  Because children with a wide range of
talents and needs are actively learning together, the world of
potential within each child unfolds. By encouraging
collaboration among staff, parents, and community agencies
that offer a wide range of services, we provide a nurturing
learning environment that supports each child’s individual
About Us
Every Child Included, Every Child a World of Potential
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